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Being a Hypocrite

I think in some shape, form, or fashion we are all somewhat guilty of being hypocritical.  We all have the best intentions, but sometimes fall short.  Each day I strive to become a better version of “Toni.”  Yet, although my intentions are pure, sometimes life just gets the best of me.  Before we attempt to find faults in others, we must first examine ourselves.  Sweep around your own front door prior to seeeping around the door of someone else.  Address your own flaws, then be sure to share the knowledge you’ve gained from your experiences to assist others.  It’s so easy to judge others, but how easy is it to examine and address the man or woman in the mirror? 
**T. Lynn**
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Make The Decision

You will never know, if you never try.  Go ahead and take that leap of faith.  Believe in yourself, and put your best foot forward.  There were a number of ventures I contemplated giving a try; however, I recently made the decision to simply go for it!  I think the worst thing in life is to live with the feeling of regret.  With that being said, make the decision to step out on faith and leave the rest up to God. 
*T. Lynn*

Forgive and Forget

You must forgive and forget.  Forgiving and forgetting is oftentimes extremely difficult, but it’s so worth your sanity.  How can one focus on the future and the past at the exact same time?  Please, make peace in order to acquire your sanity.  It’s so worth it.  Utilize your precious time establishing your master plan, not focusing on circumstances you no longer have the ability to change.


Great To Be Me

After a two hour long conversation with a very close friend, it was confirmed that I am truly one of a kind.  I have my own way of communicating.  I have my own way of showing my appreciation.  I have my own way of getting the job done.  I have my own way of doing everything.  I’m truly authentic, and that’s what makes me awesome!  Remember, “An original is always better than a copy.”  With that being said, don’t aspire to be just like someone else.  Aspire to be better.  Find your own way, make your own rules, and change the game.  Being yourself is grand, and no one can do it better.

*T. Lynn*

Better Than Ever

I began this blog several years ago; however, as always, life happened.  Now, as I make attempt number two to keep my blog afloat, I am reminded that Rome was not built in a day.  In order to be successful in this life, you simply must be determined to bounce back better than ever.  I hope and pray my blog touches lives and inspires the masses.  There’s a ton in store this year for Blue Eye Shadow Productions, LLC and The Valencia Agency, LLC (in the making).  Feel free to accompany me along my journey! 
*T. Lynn*

BTW - By the Way

As a sat here tonight preparing for my upcoming empowerment seminar, I began to think back on how at one time I poured my heart into my blogs without considering how much of an influence my words have on the lives of others.  I've discovered a new passion for life over the last couple of years.  Mainly because I have come to the realization that life is not promised, nor does death discriminate.  I've grown spiritually, which has greatly contributed to my undying desire to serve as a blessing to the world. 

We are all blessed with certain gifts and talents that are to be utilized to bring glory to God.  We are to be relentless when seeking to know God and his Word.  Nevertheless, sin is always present; however, our faith in God must remain in tact in order to escape the wages of sin - which we all know is death.  Currently, I am embarking on a fascinating journey that is allowing me to utilize not only my gifts and talents, but also my heart, my pain, and my struggles.  Trans…

A Lying Tongue

A "Liar" in all respect, is an individual who continuously and consistently lies on a regular basis. Some people lie in hopes of escaping a horrible situation that they may have placed themselves in. On the other hand, you have those people that just lie for no apparent reason. See the thing with a lie is that when you think you may just have to tell that one, several other instances follow that one lie, and require you to tell many more. When you do wrong, wrong follows you. But when you attempt to live right, right follows you.

I know a person that lies a lot. This person has been a liar since day one. For some odd reason, God has placed this individual in my life in hopes that I may serve as their vessel to salvation. Right now, this person is just too naive to realize that the spiritual path they are traveling, is so much better when you have a person of God to accompany you. I try my hardest to show this person that their lies are not only destroying them, …