Saturday, October 25, 2014

BTW - By the Way

As a sat here tonight preparing for my upcoming empowerment seminar, I began to think back on how at one time I poured my heart into my blogs without considering how much of an influence my words have on the lives of others.  I've discovered a new passion for life over the last couple of years.  Mainly because I have come to the realization that life is not promised, nor does death discriminate.  I've grown spiritually, which has greatly contributed to my undying desire to serve as a blessing to the world. 

We are all blessed with certain gifts and talents that are to be utilized to bring glory to God.  We are to be relentless when seeking to know God and his Word.  Nevertheless, sin is always present; however, our faith in God must remain in tact in order to escape the wages of sin - which we all know is death.  Currently, I am embarking on a fascinating journey that is allowing me to utilize not only my gifts and talents, but also my heart, my pain, and my struggles.  Transparency is equipping me to serve others and to also glorify God in the process. 

By the way, I'm a small town, country girl who has witnessed God allow my most far-fetched dreams come true!  I'm an imperfect creation with a desire so strong to reveal the love of God to others who are lost and weary in their fight.  My purpose on this Earth is to bring as many souls to Christ as possible, and that is exactly what I intend to do.  By the way, Blue Eye Shadow Productions is my company, and it is inspired by Ephesians 2:10.

Think about it:  Life's most unpleasant circumstances promote infinite faith.  #TrustGod

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Lying Tongue

A "Liar" in all respect, is an individual who continuously and consistently lies on a regular basis. Some people lie in hopes of escaping a horrible situation that they may have placed themselves in. On the other hand, you have those people that just lie for no apparent reason. See the thing with a lie is that when you think you may just have to tell that one, several other instances follow that one lie, and require you to tell many more. When you do wrong, wrong follows you. But when you attempt to live right, right follows you.

I know a person that lies a lot. This person has been a liar since day one. For some odd reason, God has placed this individual in my life in hopes that I may serve as their vessel to salvation. Right now, this person is just too naive to realize that the spiritual path they are traveling, is so much better when you have a person of God to accompany you. I try my hardest to show this person that their lies are not only destroying them, but other people around them. God has a mighty plan for this particular friend of mine, but the lying and the deceitfulness is postponing their advancement.

My friend has been given a second chance at life, but at times they fall short and forget where and what God has delivered them from. It's like they take the life that they are blessed with now for granted. And we all know that once you become ungrateful and unappreciative of something that God has blessed you with, he will slowly take it away from you. I love my friend dearly, but I just wish that they could understand that they are slowly headed down a road of destruction due to the lying and deceit. All that I can do is pass along the word that God gives me to give to them and pray. It is out of my control once my job is completed. A lie is more than just a sentence or two. It represents dishonor, disrespect, and ungratefulness for a chance to fess up and be honest. Let's try to be honest about everything. But most importantly, let's try to live right and live for God so that we won't be placed in a situation where we could feel the need to tell a "LIE."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friend or Associate

Lately, I have been evaluating the relationships with those that I categorize as my "Friend." My Bible provides the definition of the word "Friend" as an intimate associate, association of familiarity and companionship. Now, with that being said, I'm sure that you can draw a many of conclusions to this definition. However, in my opinion, not saying that the Bible is incorrect- but friendship cannot just simply be defined by a definition. It is defined by the action, the loyalty, the compassion, the unselfish, and the truthful demeanor that a friend is entitled to possess.

My husband told me that I needed to find me some friends here because he is tired of me just sitting around the house. In relation to my Bible's definition of friendship, along with my standards, individuals that possess those qualities are really hard to find. Sadly, majority of those that I used to consider a "friend" are merely just "associates" now. True friends will never intentionally do anything to hurt you, nor will you feel as though you are looked down upon due to the decisions that you have made in your life. True friends will step up and be there for you when you are down and not criticize you because you didn't go down the path they intended for you to travel down.

We all have grown up differently, experienced different things, and learned from a many of the mistakes that we have made. Let us please not forget that success is not measured by what you achieve in life. It is measured by what you have been blessed to overcome. There are millions of people in this world that have earned college degrees, modeled professionally, and traveled across the world. But how many people can truly say that I took all of my past hurts, learned from them, and now I strive everyday to be there and assist the next person that may be encountering those same trials. Trust me, there are very few that do that.

What I am trying to say is that life is about helping others, being an ear for someone to cry too and a shoulder to cry on. Being selfish, and calling yourself a friend is the worse thing that you can do in the world. Trust me.... I used to be that person. You live and you learn. Just be sure to LEARN!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Don't Let IT Get You Down

You can run, but you surely can't escape "Pain" when it captures you. Sometimes the pain that a person causes to your heart can be drastically life-changing. It will either do one of two things; drive you bananas or make you the strongest woman walking! One thing that you must not allow the pain to do is get you down. What person in this world is so important that you would allow them to steal your joy and cause you to forget about all of the greatness that God permitted to manifest in your life? No one on this planet is worth it. Your personal relationship with God is a bond that no human can break. However, they may be able to tamper with the bond by causing you pain, but they surely cannot break it. When you sit down and think about the hurt in your heart, think about how God made a way when you had little money, no place to stay, no food in the pantry, no clean clothes to wear, no one to talk too, and no car to drive. GOD looked out for you.

Now, after taking all of that into consideration, what human being can possibly bring you down? I can answer that question proudly for you....NO ONE!!!!! One sad thing about people in this world is that they intentionally do things to hurt you to bring you down. When you are down, it takes your focus off of God and places your focus on them. Excuse me.....ummm..they are so not worth it people!!! Keep your mind on God at all times. Carry your favorite bible verse in your purse or in your pocket for a constant reminder if you have too. I'm just passing along credible advice. If I had not experienced it, I would not be writing about it:-)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If anything can go wrong, it will

Do you sometimes feel as though you are carrying the entire world on your shoulders? Do you sometimes feel as though everything is going wrong in your life? Do you sometimes feel as though you are alone and that no one will ever be able to understand what you are dealing with? Do you sometimes feel as though God is punishing you? Do you sometimes feel that everything good that you try to do in life always goes bad? Do you sometimes feel that you never should have gave that guy the time of day because you knew that you were way too good for him? Do you sometimes feel that your closest friend, really isn't your friend at all? Do you sometimes feel like giving up and throwing in the towel? Do you sometimes feel like turning away from God because he is not answering your prayers when YOU want him to answer them? Well, if you have ever felt this way, please read on.....

Everything that was mentioned above is all a part of life and the tests that you must overcome in order for you to grow spiritually. How are you going to be a witness for God if you have never witnessed anything? The trials in life are for your good people. You just have to turn all your problems and setbacks over to God. You will not be able to handle them by yourself. I once was told by a very dear friend that God doesn't just pick on average people. Therefore, if you feel as though you are continuously experiencing life at is worse, you can rest assured knowing that God has a magnificent, never failing plan for your life. You will win in the end. If anything can go wrong, it will. Simply because the devil is soooooooooooo busy trying to win your soul. You want to make sure that you are the type of woman that constantly strives to do right and live for God. Because only through Christ are all things possible. Keep your head up and press on. You are not the only woman feeling burdened and alone. Trust me.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


There are times when you just have to humble yourself and your spirit, and just say "O.K." I hope that you understand what I mean. There are people in this world that have what you call a "listening problem." They feel as though they know everything and that they are right about everything. It is imperative for you to simply express your opinion and let it be when dealing with individuals as such, or else they will drive you bananas!

Saying "O.K." does not exemplify weakness at all. It actually exemplifies strength. It takes a strong-minded person to just keep quiet and hold their opinion to themselves. My husband is one of those people. I admire him for being that way. I guess that is one reason why I truly respect and love him. It would be a wise idea to keep people that can say "O.K." on your team. They really help balance the world out.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Girl Listen"

Now, for those of you that have fragile eyes that can't appreciate a woman for keeping in 100, I suggest you close out of this blog right now. On the other hand, for you steadfast women, that can take all of life's punches and still press on, this blog is for you.

"Girl Listen" is the phrase that my friends use when they are about to share some real deep stuff with me. My girls value my opinion because they know, Toni Lynn is going to give it to them RAW. I don't sugarcoat anything because I love my friends. I want them to know that. Whenever I give feedback to a given situation that I am presented with, I empathize before I rationalize the situation. I keep my girl's best interest at heart at all times and I refrain from giving them direct orders. Who the heck am I to tell my girl what she "Needs" to do. It is her life and she will ultimately make her own decisions.

Okay, to the important stuff. It perturbs me to talk to women that only want to share the good things that are taking place in their lives with other women. They want to brag about the nice car they drive, the nice rags they possess, the good job they have, the huge house they live in and so on and so on. Their goal is to paint this "Fantasy Life" to other women so that they can look and feel as though their life is just peachy. I'm sure that you know women like that. We all do. Now, "Girl Listen!" Underneath that BMW you drive, underneath those Gucci pumps you rock, underneath that $150,000 a year job you have and that gigantic house you and your husband live in....YOU STILL BLEED LIKE I BLEED! Stop pretending like your life is perfect girl! No one has the perfect life. No woman is better than another! We all experience the same hurts that come from the men in our lives, our children, and from other scandalous, miserable women that despise seeing us happy when we have a good thing going. "Girl Listen," don't only share those good things that you experience. Share the bad things too. You never know what the next woman may be going thru. Don't just sit back and listen to other women cry on your cry with them. Share your hurts. Help rebuild each other. We as women need support. It is a cruel world out here and we as women endure so much, but yet and still we have to remain strong for the sake of our children.

"Girl Listen," why is it that when I share my life experience with women and ask them not to breathe a word to anyone else, they go right back and Gossip about what I asked them not to discuss. Get your bibles and read what the good book says about Gossip. Gossip is not recognized as the Character of God. People vent and open up because their burdens may be too heavy to carry alone. And instead of you being there to Help, you end up making their burdens even heavier and harder to bear. "Girl Listen," Loyalty takes you a long way in life. When you are recognized as being a loyal person, your spirit becomes vitally attractive. Loyalty in these days and times goes a long way.

"Girl Listen," have an open ear. Don't judge anyone. Be real. Open up and stop painting this perfect picture. You don't have to hide anything. We are only human and we all experience hard times. The thing that truly matters though is your character development following those bad times. Every woman has had their heart broken, every woman has been lied too, every woman fixes herself up real good to sometimes hide the hurt and pain inside, every woman carries a load. "Girl Listen," I'm one of those women. Are you?

God's Grace & Mercy will set you Free!!!