Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Lying Tongue

A "Liar" in all respect, is an individual who continuously and consistently lies on a regular basis. Some people lie in hopes of escaping a horrible situation that they may have placed themselves in. On the other hand, you have those people that just lie for no apparent reason. See the thing with a lie is that when you think you may just have to tell that one, several other instances follow that one lie, and require you to tell many more. When you do wrong, wrong follows you. But when you attempt to live right, right follows you.

I know a person that lies a lot. This person has been a liar since day one. For some odd reason, God has placed this individual in my life in hopes that I may serve as their vessel to salvation. Right now, this person is just too naive to realize that the spiritual path they are traveling, is so much better when you have a person of God to accompany you. I try my hardest to show this person that their lies are not only destroying them, but other people around them. God has a mighty plan for this particular friend of mine, but the lying and the deceitfulness is postponing their advancement.

My friend has been given a second chance at life, but at times they fall short and forget where and what God has delivered them from. It's like they take the life that they are blessed with now for granted. And we all know that once you become ungrateful and unappreciative of something that God has blessed you with, he will slowly take it away from you. I love my friend dearly, but I just wish that they could understand that they are slowly headed down a road of destruction due to the lying and deceit. All that I can do is pass along the word that God gives me to give to them and pray. It is out of my control once my job is completed. A lie is more than just a sentence or two. It represents dishonor, disrespect, and ungratefulness for a chance to fess up and be honest. Let's try to be honest about everything. But most importantly, let's try to live right and live for God so that we won't be placed in a situation where we could feel the need to tell a "LIE."