Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Don't Let IT Get You Down

You can run, but you surely can't escape "Pain" when it captures you. Sometimes the pain that a person causes to your heart can be drastically life-changing. It will either do one of two things; drive you bananas or make you the strongest woman walking! One thing that you must not allow the pain to do is get you down. What person in this world is so important that you would allow them to steal your joy and cause you to forget about all of the greatness that God permitted to manifest in your life? No one on this planet is worth it. Your personal relationship with God is a bond that no human can break. However, they may be able to tamper with the bond by causing you pain, but they surely cannot break it. When you sit down and think about the hurt in your heart, think about how God made a way when you had little money, no place to stay, no food in the pantry, no clean clothes to wear, no one to talk too, and no car to drive. GOD looked out for you.

Now, after taking all of that into consideration, what human being can possibly bring you down? I can answer that question proudly for you....NO ONE!!!!! One sad thing about people in this world is that they intentionally do things to hurt you to bring you down. When you are down, it takes your focus off of God and places your focus on them. Excuse me.....ummm..they are so not worth it people!!! Keep your mind on God at all times. Carry your favorite bible verse in your purse or in your pocket for a constant reminder if you have too. I'm just passing along credible advice. If I had not experienced it, I would not be writing about it:-)

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