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Your walk, Your stride

Every time I would hit the runway, I would receive compliments regarding "My Walk." The intent of my walk was to of course appeal to the designer of choice, but to also communicate to the audience that I was a strong, confident, never-failing woman. I could walk in anything, no matter how high the heel or the length of the dress. I had my own way of "Rockin It." There were several instances following a fashion show that members of the audience would come up and ask me where I learned to walk the runway. Each time, I would tell them that I practiced day in and day out in my mirror to perfect my walk to my satisfaction. I informed them that I watched one particular woman walk at a fashion show before that absolutely intrigued me. From that day forward, I conditioned my mind to want to walk better than she. Not because I felt she was my competition, but because she truly had the walk and stride of a "BEAST" on the runway.

I'm only human. I'm just a woman. But the thing is, I never know who's watching me or who looks at me as a mentor or a role model. This is why, on the street, I have to be conscience of "My Walk, My Stride." People admire me that I never knew looked upon me in such a way. One particular day, a few years back, a woman told me, "Toni, people who don't know God are gonna know God because they know you." When she told me that, I guess you can say a light bulb popped on in my brain. That day I finally realized the importance of conducting myself in such a way that communicates loyalty, humbleness, and love to every individual that I come into contact with. This is what life is all about. We are placed here to help others along their walk. When the road gets too tough, we have to walk up and pick that person up, and stride along together. Your walk reflects the inner you, so work to perfect it. Watch your tongue, maintain your temper, remain positive, stay open-minded, forgive, and most importantly...LOVE!

I consider my walk as FIERCE! LOL!! No one can touch it. My trials and tribulations, past hurts and fears, former insecurities, and most importantly my passion to succeed and become the person that God wants me to be has contributed to MY walk. Therefore, I'm one walking BAD MAMMA JAMMA!!! I suggest you perfect your walk as well. You never know whose watching, or who may one day want to walk just like you:-)

God's Grace & Mercy will set you FREE!!!!


  1. Good read, God is about to move you so strong, keep it up Mrs. V


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